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Discovery and Tour Flights: $300, 1 hour with an instructor, and 1 hour in the aircraft

Private Pilot's License (PPL) Package: $12,990 includes 44 aircraft hours, 110 instructor hours, groundschool, and books.

  • Does not include costs such as: Examinations, medical, headset, foreflight, etc

  • Our package's aircraft hours are based upon the FAA's legal minimum of 40 hours for a PPL, most students across the US finish in 60-70 hours, our students tend to finish in about 50-60. Any hours beyond the 44 are billed at the pay as you go rates below.

Instrument Rating (IR): $11,990, includes 40 aircraft hours, 100 instructor hours, groundschool, and books

Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) from no experience: $54,900, includes 189 hours of non-complex time, 10 hours of complex time, 385 instructor hours, all 3 groundschools, and all books.

AMEL Add-On: $6,795, includes 8 aircraft hours, 20 instructor hours, groundschool, and books.

ATP (Military Conversion): $4,500, includes 6 aircraft hours, 15 instructor hours, and groundschool. 

  • Please note this is for the practical portion (the checkride). You will need to have your written and CTP course completed prior to starting.

Pricing: Service


Grumman cheetah (AA-5A): $189

Beechcraft Bonanza: $350

Beechcraft Baron: $550

Simulator: $40

Instructor Rates:

$60 per hour single engine

$70 per hour multi engine

$80 per hour turboprop

$90 per hour jets

Add 10 per hour if aircraft is not school owned.

Headset Rental:

David Clark: 5/flight or 75 per rating

Lightspeed: 10/flight or 150 per rating​

Pricing: Service


VA/GI Bill Funding: We do accept VA funding, however:

  • The VA does not cover the PPL. 

  • The VA considers the IR and CPL to be one course, and provides approximately $14,000 total for both.

  • The VA covers all ratings we offer, with the exception of a multi-engine instructor (MEI)

Loans: A number of organizations provide funding for flight training.

Scholarships: Several scholarships are available for flight training. We suggest starting your search with AOPA and The EAA

Pricing: Service
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